Get A+ on your Lag Checks!

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The Problem and Solution

Bufferbloat, aka lag caused by other devices hogging in the internet at home, is the reason why you may be failing your lag checks.

If you play in online tournaments a proctor may ask you to do a lag check for discrepancies in ping. Getting a score lower than B on the Waveform Bufferbloat lag check would be grounds for disqualification.

Real gaming routers that manage your network using algorithms such fq_codel or cake are the only ones that can solve this problem. Once the algorithm is active, it just works. There is no need to do things like set priorities, or worry about port numbers. Other so called “gaming routers” that do not run these algorithms are just marketing fluff and don’t really guarantee low latency at all times.

As an added bonus, solving bufferbloat makes life easier. It stops lag caused by your housemates, and prevents robotic sounding videoconferencing calls!

Notice: This page is shutting down

Due to zero sales in 2023. I have shutdown the idea of selling custom routers to solve bufferbloat. This website will be up as an informational site until September 13, 2025.

If you’re interested in solving bufferbloat for Gigabit+ connections DIY style for yourself please look into one of the following routes below:

If you want to go the NanoPi R6S route, flash friendlyWrt on it and enable SQM.

If you want to go the x86 miniPC route, install OpenWrt on it and enable SQM with cake or fq_codel.

If you don’t know how to enable SQM in OpenWrt/FriendlyWrt please see:

Make sure you start with 90% of your ISP’s max speed as the download and upload limits. cake and fq_codel need some bandwidth reserved in order to work properly.