Get A+ on your Lag Checks!

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The Solution to the Problem

Bufferbloat, aka lag caused by other devices hogging in the internet at home, is the reason why you may be failing your lag checks.

If you play in online tournaments a proctor may ask you to do a lag check for discrepancies in ping. Getting a score lower than B on the Waveform Bufferbloat lag check would be grounds for disqualification.

Real gaming routers that manage your network using algorithms such fq_codel or cake are the only ones that can solve this problem. Once the algorithm is active, it just works. There is no need to do things like set priorities, or worry about port numbers. Other so called “gaming routers” that do not run these algorithms are just marketing fluff and don’t really guarantee low latency at all times.

As an added bonus, solving bufferbloat makes life easier. It stops lag caused by your housemates, and robotic sounding videoconferencing calls!

Why Froz Router?

The Froz Router will get you an A+ on your lag checks… at near gigabit speeds! Some remaining bandwidth is reserved for fq_codel or cake algorithms. Not many routers can solve bufferbloat near gigabit speeds because they are limited by CPU performance.

Most of the routers that do solve this problem usually can’t do better than 300 Mbps. The Froz Router can do this at 1 Gbps! The reason is the beefy 8-core CPU (4x A76 + 4x A55 cores). It also has 8GB of RAM… It’s a ridiculously powerful router which is unheard of in consumer routers.

It’s the most powerful router you’ll ever have!